World Police and Fire Games - 2019

Eventwise list of proposed sportspersons participating
in 2019 world police fire games

S.No. Photo Name Event
1. Akashdeep Singh Akashdeep Singh Track & Field
2. Jagmeet Singh Jagmeet Singh Track & Field
3. Angrej Singh Angrej Singh Track & Field
4. Anup Kumar Anup Kumar Track & Field
5. Pawan Verma Pawan Verma Track & Field
6. Lovepreet Singh Lovepreet Singh Track & Field
7. Mehakpreet Singh Mehakpreet Singh Track & Field
8. Ranjit Singh Ranjit Singh Track & Field
9. Thanga Vasanth Murugan Thanga Vasanth Murugan Track & Field
10. Jasdeep Singh Dhillon Jasdeep Singh Dhillon Track & Field
11. Prabhjot Singh Prabhjot Singh Track & Field
12. Ankit Rathi Ankit Rathi Track & Field
13. Navjor Singh Navjor Singh Track & Field
14. Gurlal Singh Dhaliwal Gurlal Singh Dhaliwal Track & Field
15. Amarjeet Amarjeet Track & Field
16. Nirvair Singh Nirvair Singh Track & Field
17. Ravindra Singh Rautela Ravindra Singh Rautela Track & Field
18. Gova Ram Gova Ram Track & Field
19. Gagan Kumar Yadav Gagan Kumar Yadav Track & Field
20. Radhey Kumar Radhey Kumar Track & Field
21. Ranga Kunnath Ranga Kunnath Track & Field
22. Ayana Thomas Ayana Thomas Track & Field
23. Kochuthrasia Karimbanakuzhiyil Lalu Kochuthrasia Karimbanakuzhiyil Lalu Track & Field
24. Khushbu Gupta Khushbu Gupta Track & Field
25. Meenu Meenu Track & Field
26. Veerpal Kaur Veerpal Kaur Track & Field
27. Athira Mohanan Chundapoyil Mohanan Athira Mohanan Chundapoyil Mohanan Track & Field
28. Uma Maheswari Muniyandi Uma Maheswari Muniyandi Track & Field
29. Sonam Sonam Track & Field
30. Tunlai Narzary Tunlai Narzary Track & Field
31. Himani Himani Track & Field
32. Anita Anita Track & Field
33. Rupinder Kaur Rupinder Kaur Track & Field
34. Kumari Sangeeta Kumari Sangeeta Track & Field
35. Arvinda Rathwa Arvinda Rathwa Track & Field
36. Sajan Prakash Sajan Prakash Swimming
37. Mandar Anandrao Divase Mandar Anandrao Divase Swimming
38. Puneet Rana Puneet Rana Swimming
39. Vinay Krishna Chindiri Vinay Krishna Chindiri Swimming
40. Richa Mishra Richa Mishra Swimming
41. Chaman Singh Chaman Singh Archery
42. Kilenmeren Kilenmeren Archery
43. Robert Sharma Gurumayum Robert Sharma Gurumayum Archery
44. Bhagwan Das Bhagwan Das Archery
45. Zhokhoto Demo Zhokhoto Demo Archery
46. Basanta Singh Sorokhaibam Basanta Singh Sorokhaibam Archery
47. Ishita Ishita Archery
48. Sumandeep Kaur Sumandeep Kaur Archery
49. Monali Chandraharsh Jadhao Monali Chandraharsh Jadhao Archery
50. Supyar Supyar Archery
51. Shimphrui Lydia Shimphrui Lydia Archery
52. Pallabi Das Pallabi Das Archery
53. Ashish Ashish Boxing
54. Sahdev Hooda Sahdev Hooda Boxing
55. Parmod Kumar Parmod Kumar Boxing
56. Rohit Rohit Boxing
57. Brijesh Yadav Brijesh Yadav Boxing
58. Berinder Singh Berinder Singh Boxing
59. Krishan Sharma Krishan Sharma Boxing
60. Vanlalduati Vanlalduati Boxing
61. Meenakumari Devi Maisnam Meenakumari Devi Maisnam Boxing
62. Sandhyarani Devi Yengkhom Sandhyarani Devi Yengkhom Boxing
63. Rekha Tewatia Rekha Tewatia Boxing
64. Lalbuatsaihi Lalbuatsaihi Boxing
65. Priyanka Thakur Priyanka Thakur Boxing
66. Bunty Bunty Boxing
67. Lalfakmawii Ralte Lalfakmawii Ralte Boxing
68. Kavita Kavita Boxing
69. Manohar Singh Manohar Singh Wrestling
70. Rajender Kumar Rajender Kumar Wrestling
71. Youngdeep Singh Youngdeep Singh Wrestling
72. Chhagan Meena Chhagan Meena Wrestling
73. Gurpreet Singh Gurpreet Singh Wrestling
74. Harpreet Singh Harpreet Singh Wrestling
75. Sumit Sumit Wrestling
76. Baljit Baljit Wrestling
77. Pardeep Kumar Pardeep Kumar Wrestling
78. Sombir Sombir Wrestling
79. Naresh Kumar Naresh Kumar Wrestling
80. Vishal Singh Vishal Singh Wrestling
81. Manjeet Manjeet Wrestling
82. Dushyant Kumar Dushyant Kumar Wrestling
83. Nirmala Devi Nirmala Devi Wrestling
84. Mamta Mamta Wrestling
85. Neetu Neetu Wrestling
86. Manisha Manisha Wrestling
87. Pooja Tomar Pooja Tomar Wrestling
88. Geetika Jakhar Geetika Jakhar Wrestling
89. Mohani Mohani Wrestling
90. Sansuma Narzary Sansuma Narzary Taekwondo
91. Sunil Kumar Sunil Kumar Taekwondo
92. Suraj Sanjay Singh Suraj Sanjay Singh Taekwondo
93. Ajaypal Singh Ajaypal Singh Taekwondo
94. Seema Kannaujiya Seema Kannaujiya Taekwondo
95. Sabita Ramchiary Sabita Ramchiary Taekwondo
96. Aarti Khakal Aarti Khakal Taekwondo
97. Vimmie Moirangthem Vimmie Moirangthem Taekwondo
98. Harmeet Harmeet Judo
99. Jasleen Singh Saini Jasleen Singh Saini Judo
100. Vishal Ruhil Vishal Ruhil Judo
101. Jobandeep Singh Jobandeep Singh Judo
102. Avtar Singh Avtar Singh Judo
103. Udayvir Singh Udayvir Singh Judo
104. Jina Devi Chongtham Jina Devi Chongtham Judo
105. Priyanka Priyanka Judo
106. Sahil Sahil Shooting
107. Maneesh Kumar Maneesh Kumar Shooting
108. Ram Swaroop Ram Swaroop Shooting
109. Shamsher Singh Bhandari Shamsher Singh Bhandari Shooting
110. Vimlesh Kumar Rathour Vimlesh Kumar Rathour Shooting
111. Monu Kumar Monu Kumar Shooting
112. Samaresh Jung Samaresh Jung Shooting
113. Harpreet Singh Harpreet Singh Shooting
114. Mahendra Singh Mahendra Singh Shooting
115. Amit Kumar Amit Kumar Shooting
116. Pawan Kumar Thami Pawan Kumar Thami Shooting
117. Suresh Mali Suresh Mali Shooting
118. Anjum Moudgil Anjum Moudgil Shooting
119. Elizabeth Susan Koshy Elizabeth Susan Koshy Shooting
120. Kuheli Gangulee Kuheli Gangulee Shooting
121. Ruby Rani Ruby Rani Shooting
122. Lajjakumari Tilakpuri Gauswami Lajjakumari Tilakpuri Gauswami Shooting
123. Pushpanjali Rana Pushpanjali Rana Shooting
124. Neeraj Kaur Neeraj Kaur Shooting

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